"I am very happy to have worked with Oregon Productions in a couple of events created and organized by them in Mexico and in the United Arab Emirates, resulting in a success and a nice opportunity where I could share my experiences with children, youth and adults who love Tennis".

Nicolás Massú (Professional Tennis Player & Coach)

"Oregon Producciones is a company that has been a real pleasure to work with both in Chile and Mexico. Especially because they handled the business matters quickly and professionally, but also because the people were very kind to me and my team, which made the whole trip a great success."

Marty Friedman (Former Guitar Player of Megadeth & Solo Artist)

"I have known Oregon Productions since its inception and over the course of the last decade, I have witnessed their professional growth with each new event they have put on, being a family owned company that has been very smooth and orderly to work with."

Alfredo Lewin ( Radio and TV Host)

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